At LINGER we are making the secondhand choice easier, more inspiring and more convenient.

The definition of linger is ”taking a long time to disappear”. And that is exactly our mission: to keep perfectly good fashion items from ending up in landfill. To stick around just a little while longer!

Our items are found and handpicked primarily in Scandinavia – Denmark to be more precise. We practice the art of keeping our selection of items curated: they have to be timeless, classic, easy to style and in good shape. In that way you know what to expect from our shop both quality and style wise.

We focus on good quality and great condition, but at the same time we don’t discriminate: that’s why you’ll find everything from luxury to highstreet and unknown brands in our selection. Even those that might need a loving hand to get back in shape. We look at fashion items as a valuable resource rather than something disposable.

We value great style above all. We believe, that no matter where that piece of clothing came from it deserves a second chance.

At LINGER we believe that shopping secondhand is a great sustainable option to conventional means. There are so many wonderful fashion items out there already – many of which returns in the trend scene year after year, and they’re just waiting for us to find them!

In our “edits” journal you’ll find articles with everything from styling inspiration and tips & tricks to care for your wardrobe. Articles that will inspire you to enjoy a lasting style with a bigger focus on sustainability – all while having fun at the same time!

Who are we?

We’re Morten & Signe, a married couple in their late 20’s from Denmark who are trying to live a simpler, cleaner and more sustainable life with less waste.

Signe runs the popular sustainable fashion & lifestyle blog and youtube channel “USE LESS” and works freelance in the fashion industry too. Being a former fashion designer, starting a secondhand webshop has been a dream of hers for years.

Morten works as a technical marine engineer and takes great part in the secondhand webshop wherever he can.