Mindful shopping in 6 steps

We all know the feeling; a bad day that makes us grasp for our creditcards. A new bag. A pair of new shoes. Or that thing from a sale pile in the supermarket you didn’t know you even missed. And what’s so bad about that anyway? Impulse purchases like these – especially those you just make because you try to cheer yourself up – is a really bad idea because you ignore the real problem and feelings that pushes you to do so. That way, you may be in your own way of becoming stronger, happier and changing these though patterns in the long run. Impulse purchases are dangerous because they seem like a great way to fix things to begin with, but the pleasure you feel when buying an item is very short. And often these items often end up just in the back of the closet anyway, maybe even with the tags still on. It’s not just a waste of the planet’s resources, it’s also a waste of your own time and money. Money you could spend on other things that means more to you – a trip you’ve aways wanted to go on for example. So here are some tips to avoid impulse purchases in the future, so you can focus on what really makes you happy instead!

1. Impulsive or compulsive
The first step is to recognize what it is, that makes you buy things you don’t need. So do you buy compulsively or impulsively? If you’re a compulsive shopper, it’s often your feelings that drive you to buy something. If you buy something impulsively, it means you see something in a store that you really desire at that moment, but the desire of this item will most likely disappear as soon as you’re home.

2. Ask yourself questions – want or need?
Before falling into the trap, be sure to ask yourself the following question; is this something I need, or is it more something I just want? Personally, I think there should be a good balance between the two in general. I don’t necessarily need that beige camel coat for my winter capsule because I already have one wool coat, but that doesn’t mean I wont get plenty of wear out of it anyway. Well-considered purchases are often the ones that win here.

3. Make a shopping list and stick to it
In continuation of the before mentioned well-considered purchases, it may be a great help to make a shopping list. Whether it’s the weekly trip to the supermarket or it’s new additions for your wardrobe you’re looking for, make a list before you leave home and stick to this list as much as you can. That way you stay away from temptations, and you can focus on what you came for. You can read a guide on how to plan your wardrobe shopping on our founders personal blog right HERE.

4. Don’t be fooled by sales.
It may be easier said than done, but stay as far away from sale season as possible if you are struggling to control yourself and the temptations become too many. That is one solution. The other solution is that you (with self-discipline) learn to handle sales more intentional. It’s no bad idea to save some money on something you might have bought anyway during a sale! You can, among other things, read some thoughts about Black Friday – the biggest and most crazy sale of the year and how to deal with it on our founders personal blog right HERE.

5. Deal with your vulnerability in other ways than shopping.
Last but not least, let’s talk about what kind of feelings that are the real reason for your vulnerability in that moment, where you decide to go out for a bit of retail therapy. For this, the acronym HALT that stands for hungry, angry, lonely, tired can be a great help. These are some of the most common difficult emotions that most of us regularly experience in a busy everyday life. But instead of grasping for your credit card, try to face these feelings and figure out another more constructive way of dealing with them. In a society where we are aiming for perfection – especially on social media – it can be difficult not to compare yourself with others. Especially when it comes to material goods! That Gucci bag that all the cool kids apparently have, why can’t it just magically fall down into your lap, so your life could become so much better? The truth is that the problem is not the bag but something you fight with inside yourself. So recognize when you have a bad day or perhaps longer period of your life, and do something actively to grow stronger instead. Face the real problem instead of running away from it! Maybe you even need professional help for a while, and that’s certainly not a shame. If you’re in a bad mood or feeling tired, even a short 30 minute workout followed by a healthy meal can make a huge difference, plus it’s healthy for you too. So look at it like a way to recover and become stronger and more confident!

6. Enjoy trends carefully
… shop secondhand! Trends go round and round every single year and season, and at LINGER we not only try to find timeless classics, we also try to find more trendy items, so that those of you who like to follow a few trends each season has the opportunity to do so, in a more conscious, circular and sustainable way. Trends can keep your wardrobe basics fresh and alive, but they can also be dangerous and make you doubt your own style preferences. Keep the right balance!

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