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All prices on the shop is in DKK and Euro and is incl. Danish VAT.

LINGER uses an authorized payment server, that encrypts all your card information with SSL (Secure Locket Layer). This means your information cannot be reached or read by anyone else.

Shipping & returns

LINGER ships out all deliveries on normal weekdays. You can read more about our shipping destinations, rates and returns here.


According to the Danish Act of Purchasing, all products underlie a 2-year warranty. However, since LINGER is a secondhand shop the customers are expected to have read and understood our rating system in regards to every single product and its condition before buying, so they are aware of the potential risk of items wearing out quicker than new items. The warranty does not apply to errors or damage caused by improper operation of the product after receiving it, nor does it apply to any faults that was already registered through our rating system. In that case, we refer to our 14-day cancellation warranty.

Condition rating system:
A: As new
B: Minor signs of wear
C: Significantly worn
D: Needs a loving hand

A: As new

This means the item has close to no signs of use at all.

B: Minor signs of wear

This means the item has minor signs of wear, but nothing that is significantly lowering the value of the item. This could be things as small scratches on metal hardware or anything else that is considered inevitable but hardly noticeable.

C: Significantly worn

This means the item has quite a few signs of wear, but still has a lot of wear left in it. It could be a button that is slightly loose, a surface that shows significant signs of wear or similar. Nothing that would keep you from being able to wear this item though.

D: Needs a loving hand

At LINGER we rarely buy items that are not in a condition, where they could be worn right away. However, sometimes an item might be in vintage or maybe even a worn-out condition, that would require a little extra love before you would be able to enjoy the item. It could be replacing the solecaps on a pair of shoes or something similar.

At LINGER we believe that everything we buy deserves a second change, no matter the condition of the item: we look at clothing as a valuable resource, rather than something disposable.

NB.: please be aware that the rating system is not fixed. An item can be rated “as new” but have a small flaw that could easily be fixed at the same time. In that case we will rate the item A because we don’t look at that small flaw as something that lowers the overall value of the product, but then make sure to note the small flaw under “additional information: be aware of” too, so you know exactly what you are buying – and so we know exactly what we are selling too. Please also be aware that the colours of items on the pictures might be slightly different than in reality.

Sizes: will this item fit me?

At LINGER we do our best to find items of all sorts of sizes. This will naturally vary though. If you are in doubt, the size reference for the mannequin and any models appearing on the site is a regular size EU 36/small. We hope that by providing you with this information, you will be able to get a better image of how a certain item might fit you and your own personal size. We do our best to write measurements on items where it makes sense too. This will be written in the section additional information.

Sometimes we might set a range of sizes for one single item – for example we could write S-L on an item. We do this because we estimate this item to fit sizes within that range (we still write what size the label actually says too), or if the item simply doesn’t have a size label.

If you need help with an item regarding it’s size you can write to, but please be aware that we disclaim ourselves from the possibility of whatever item you might have a question about being sold out before we get to respond.

14-day cancellation warranty

Products from our webshop can be returned within 14 days after you receive the parcel. If we do not receive your cancellation before 14 days after you receive your parcel, a cancellation is no longer possible.

The delivery cost for a returned product is on the customer’s own behalf. You will receive a refund that covers the product and it’s shipping cost, when the purchase was originally made. Please make sure to keep any receipts, tracking info or similar from the returned parcel, so that in the unlikely event of the parcel getting lost through the postal service you have proof that you have actually shipped the parcel back to us.

Cancellations are to be made using our cancellation form, which you can download right HERE. Please send the form back to and tell us that you want to use your right of cancellation. The amount of money refunded will be put into the same account/card that was originally used to purchase the returned product.

The condition of products when returned

The product must be in the same condition as you received it in, once it is shipped back to us. You will be charged to cover any extra damages or faults clearly caused by you. Also, please note that if we consider the returned product to be significantly more worn out than when it was in our custody, no refund will be made.

In other words: please handle any product with care when you try it on at home, and please read and understand our condition rating system before you buy anything from our shop, to minimize the risk of returns.

If you have any questions regarding a product, it’s sizing, quality or similar, please contact We are here to help!

Stock and sold out items

At LINGER we do our best to have a great number of products in stock at all times. The number of products in stock will vary though, since everything is carefully handpicked in secondhand/charity shops and during flea markets.


Every item is unique and there might be more customers interested in one item. LINGER disclaims responsibility for any products that might be sold before the time a customer reaches checkout.


If you wish to complain about any of our products or services bought through our webshop, you can do that through: Please be aware that this link is only for other EU countries than Denmark.

For Danish citizen complaints, please contact:

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby

If you wish to leave a complaint, please also inform us via